TAYLOR GENTRY director of photography

Taylor Gentry was born and raised on the muddy banks of the Mississippi River in northern Illinois. His passion for film-making developed at a young age while making short videos with his best friends VHS camcorder.  Taylor earned a BA at the University of Iowa where he double majored in studio art and film production. There were several highly influential experiences that would form him while at Iowa.  Studying with the world class DP, Scott Duncan was instrumental in developing his style. Taylor was the first video journalist at the college news publication the Daily Iowan which was one of the first college newspapers to create a documentary video unit for the web.


Taylor is one of the unique breed of cinematographer that moves fluidly between verité documentary, scripted, and commercial camera work. In fact he believes that his experience within each discipline informs his work with the other. The documentary experience has taught him to recognize the beauty in available light, develop an expert hand-held technique, move quickly and trust his instincts with framing and focal length. The scripted and commercial work has refined his fluency with lighting skills and the tools of camera movement so that when those tools are available he knows how to use them. He is comfortable managing crews large and small.


Taylor has lensed international television series for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, A&E, Speed TV, Fuel TV, Biography Channel, and many more. His feature documentary credits include The Greening of Southie, The City Dark, and The Search For General Tso. He's created commercial content for Alive an Olivia, The Prudential, Heeleys, & Eddy Bauer.